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ADG Aspect 3D   FAQ


Version 54.82 21.09.08
  • Supports Italian and Portuguese user interface. The current list of languages:

    - English
    - French
    - German
    - Italian
    - Polish
    - Portuguese
    - Russian
    - Spanish

  • Advanced File Selection Dialog.

    - Advanced Toolbar
    - Resently Files combobox
    - View Mode state restore

Version 54.81 14.08.08
  • Supports Polish user interface. The current list of languages:

    - English
    - French
    - German
    - Polish
    - Russian
    - Spanish

Version 54.78 08.02.08
  • Command line stitching in batch files and stand-alone applications.You can automate the stitching process by calling ADG Aspect 3D Tools from another application.

  • Double click on image in New Object dialog allows to select image sequence started from clicked image.

  • Clicking on directory in New Object dialog produced preview of first image sequence inside clicked directory.

  • All File Selection dialogs become resizable.
  • Load/Save dialogs includes resizable preview window.

Version 53.75 08.09.07
  • Multilanguage User Interface. Default interface selected according to OS language. Supported languages:

    - English
    - French
    - German
    - Russian
    - Spanish

  • Opera Web Browser support.

Version 50.74 23.07.07
  • File Selection dialogs become resizable.

Version 50.73 05.07.07
  • ADG and JPEG formats allows to control vertical movement.
  • Checker "Reverse Image Order" stored from session to session.
  • Fixed loading .tga images

Version 50.72 02.06.07
  • When open New Aspect creation dialog, previous time selected images marked selected automatically.

Version 50.71 30.08.06
  • CPU usage is optimized.
    ADG Java viewer is optimized so the processor performance decreases with no mouse or keyboard control.

Version 50.70 10.06.06
  • JPEG JScript Format supports navigation panel.
    ADG JScript viewer become very close to ADG Java viewer. The same navigation panel as in the case of Java now available for JPEG JScript format. This panel is automatically generated in case of marked "Options Menu / Save Panel".

  • Alternate Format
    In case of client's web browser not support main format, alternative format or corresponding warning text will be shown. List of alternatives is the following :

    Warning Text - insert suitable warining text into html code (Java or QTVR plugin or JScript requared etc.)
    JPEG Static - insert html code to show jpeg image in case of Java or QTVR not enabled or not installed.
    JPEG JScript - insert javascript code to show panoramic image in case of Java or QTVR not enabled or not installed.
    <none> - no alternatives.

  • Several Aspects on the single page
    Finally fixed very harmful bug in the case of several applets on the single page. Java applet was frozen after attempt to create several instances simultaneously or after attempt to clone browser window using File / New / Window

  • TWAIN-32 import from scanners and digital cameras. To create 3D model directly from digital camera or scanner use the Scanners and Cameras button on Main Menu or press Ctrl+I hotkey.

Version 50.69 04.10.05
  • Maximum Zoom Adjustment
    New option in Options dialog: Maximum Zoom - represents the maximum allowable zoom in percents. This option also determines the size of output file. Zero zoom value means no zoom and minimum file size. Maximum value 1000% means 10 times larger output resolution.