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ADG Panorama Tools Awards & Guarantees FAQ


Version 28.10.08
  • Auto grouping images for multiple panoramas making (Pro version only)
    New parameter "group" have added for command line stitching. This parameter can be used for grouping images elapsed in some interval. For example:

    ADGpanoPro.exe /group 120 /html /out c:\pano.adg c:\pano\*.jpg
    This command allows to group images with time nearer 120 sec and store result as set of .adg files. Parameter /html allows to make html file which combine all resulting panoramas.

Version 21.09.08
  • Supports Italian and Portuguese user interface. The current list of languages:

    - English
    - French
    - German
    - Italian
    - Polish
    - Portuguese
    - Russian
    - Spanish

Version 02.09.08
  • Advanced File Selection Dialog.

    - Advanced Toolbar
    - Resently Files combobox
    - View Mode state restore

Version 14.07.08
  • Fixing source images larger than 4096*4096.

Version 25.06.08
  • Supports Polish user interface. The current list of languages:

    - English
    - French
    - German
    - Polish
    - Russian
    - Spanish

Version 28.05.08
  • JPEG File format - high resolution output format added, use Image Resolution option to assign the size of output image in percents of the maximum reasonable size for given source files. Program automatically creates scrolling panel if html code required.

Version 27.12.07
  • Corrected hotspots placement in JPEG and QTVR output formats.

Version 20.12.07
  • Possibility to load a single shot unwrapped cylindrical panoramas.

Version 23.10.07
  • Maximum output resolution depend on physical memory size in range 10000*1600 for 256MB upto 30000*4000 for 2GB.

  • Press F3 to determine output resolution, panorama angle etc.

  • ADG Java Viewer supports mouse wheel for zooming.

Version 07.10.07
  • Reducing the size of the memory requirements for large images stitching.

Version 22.08.07
  • ADG Java Viewer 5.65 supports changes in the latest version of Java 1.6.0_02.

Version 15.08.07
  • Additional ADG Java Viewer parameter to change info string in data loading time:

    <param=loading  value="Data loading ...">
  • Additional ADG Java Viewer parameter to select one of the six types of progress bar or to remove progress bar (zero value):

    <param=progress  value=1>

Version 12.08.07
  • Multilanguage User Interface. Default interface selected according to OS language. Supported languages:

    - English
    - French
    - German
    - Russian
    - Spanish

  • Opera Web Browser support.

Version 20.07.07
  • All File Selection dialogs become resizable.

  • Load/Save dialogs includes resizable preview window.

Version 14.07.07
  • Double click on image in New Panorama dialog allows to select image sequence started from clicked image.

  • Clicking on directory in New Panorama dialog produced preview of first image sequence inside clicked directory.

Version 04.07.07
  • Improvement of manual stitching control. Positions of camera and images always stays in valid area regardless of any manipulations.

  • Fixed wrong hotspot's clipping in QTVR and JPEG format.

  • Checker "Reverse Image Order" stored from session to session.

Version 01.06.07
  • QTVR preview in Mozilla Firefox Web Browser is corrected.

Version 07.02.07
  • New ADG Java Viewer parameter: Reverse=1/0 to enable/disable reverse movement for partial panoramas.

Version 27.01.07
  • New Panorama Creation dialog allows to scroll images inside preview window - for image comparison and image order checking.

  • When open New Panorama Creation dialog, previous time selected images marked selected automatically.

Version 25.01.07
  • ADG Java Viewer supports script command port.Name.vel = vx,vy,vz to assign initial velocity.

  • ADG Java Viewer not stopped at the end of partial panoramas if initial velocity is assigned. After one second pause, movement will be continued.

  • ADG Panorama Tools Pro - ADG Java format supports sound links. Just define .au or .wav sound file in the url field of Hotspots dialog.

  • To start creating new panorama just click on the main window.

Version 22.12.06
  • ADG output format supports switching between several panoramas. Suffice it to set required file name in the url field of hotspot description.

  • ADG output format allows to call javascript from hotspots. For that, hotspot's url should be started with word "javascript:" with colon symbol.

Version 14.12.06
  • In the case of QuickTime output format, default value of dynamic quality of output panorama image is increased.

Version 12.12.06
  • In the case of QuickTime output format, panorama image is converted into a QTVR 2.0 movie, instead of QTVR 1.0 movie as before.

  • In addition to hotspots creation for Java ADG and JPEG output formats, hotspots creation for QTVR output format is added to Pro version also.

Version 29.11.06

ADG Panorama Tools Pro contains the following additional features:

  • Hotspots GUI for Virtual Tur creation. You can add up to 250 visible or (and) unvisible Hotspot-links to each panoramic composition. You can create custom Hotspot images and assign its position, size and transparency individually.

  • Command line stitching in batch files and stand-alone applications.You can automate the stitching process by calling ADG Panorama Tools Pro from another application.

Version 30.07.06
  • CPU usage is optimized.
    ADG Java viewer is optimized so the processor performance decreases with no mouse or keyboard control.

Version 15.07.06
  • Fixed bug with saving panorama in Windows 98.

Version 26.06.06
  • JPEG JScript configuration functions.
    ADG JScript viewer support iconic hotspots and allows to set initial panorama velocity and position.

List of supported script functions: 

function createPanorama(width,height,url) 


  width  - sets the width  of viewer window in pixels

  height - sets the height of viewer window in pixels

  url    - sets the url of panoramic image

function setLink(x,y,w,h,url,icon,alt)

  x,y,w,h - link rectangle

  url     - link url 

  icon    - link iconic image

  alt     - link alternative text

function setVel(vx,vy,vz) - sets initial velocity 

function setPos(px,py,pz) - sets initial position 

Version 27.04.06
  • JPEG JScript Format supports navigation panel.
    ADG JScript viewer become very close to ADG Java viewer. The same navigation panel as in the case of Java now available for JPEG JScript format. This panel is automatically generated in case of marked "Options Menu / Save Panel".

Version 05.03.06
  • Alternate Format
    In case of client's web browser not support main format, alternative format or corresponding warning text will be shown. List of alternatives is the following :

    Warning Text - insert suitable warning text into html code (Java or QTVR plugin or JScript required etc.)
    JPEG Static - insert html code to show jpeg image in case of Java or QTVR not enabled or not installed.
    JPEG JScript - insert javascript code to show panoramic image in case of Java or QTVR not enabled or not installed.
    <none> - no alternatives.

Version 17.02.06
  • Panorama printing
    Direct printing of panoramic images allows to print the image across multiple pages so, that all needed is just cut and glue the pages together to create one huge print out. ADG Panorama automatically split output image according to predefined paper size and orientation.

    New commands in File menu: Print, Print Setup and Print Preview.

    Print - print panorama according to predefined settings
    Print Setup - select printer name, paper size, orientation etc.
    Print Preview - panorama printing preview allows to check number of pages which depend on paper size and landscape/portrait orientation.

Version 16.02.06
  • Additional Java Applet parameters
    New parameters to control initial panorama position and velocity (see Help / Export to the Web / Params List):

    PosX, PosY, PosZ - initial horizontal, vertical and zoom position in predefined ranges 0.0 -1.0
    VelX, VelY, VelZ - initial horizontal, vertical and zoom velocity
    PushX, PushY, PushZ - one-time push horizontal, vertical and zoom velocity

Version 22.11.05
  • Several panoramas on the single page
    Finally fixed very harmful bug in the case of several applets on the single page. Java applet was frozen after attempt to create several panoramas simultaneously or after attempt to clone browser window using File / New / Window

Version 05.10.05
  • Output Image Extra Filtration
    Significant enhancement of output image quality as result of new filtration algorithms implementation.

Version 14.09.05
  • Maximum Zoom Adjustment
    New option in Options dialog: Maximum Zoom - represents the maximum allowable zoom in percents. This option also determines the size of output file. Zero zoom value means no zoom and minimum file size. Maximum value 1000% means 10 times larger output resolution.

Version 20.11.04
  • Single Panoramic Image import
    In the case of single image selection, ADG Panorama Tools convert it into panoramic view. Use "Tilt/Lens Tuning" button to adjust focal length and panoramic range.

Version 09.11.04
  • JPG format use ADG Javascript Viewer and just require Javascript enabled. ADGview.js script is interactive cross-browser scroller and supports DOM standard browsers such as MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher and Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher. Program automatically creates ADGview.js script in output directory and necessary html content.

Version 25.10.04
  • New output file formats in addition to ADG format - QTVR (.mov) and JPEG (.jpg). Unregistered version of ADG Panorama Tools always add watermark "Albatross Design" to result QTVR and JPEG image.

  • Export to ADG file don't produce additional JPEG file now. It's included into ADG file for easy upload and faster download

Version 11.10.04
  • TWAIN-32 import from scanners and digital cameras. To create panorama directly from digital camera or scanner use the Scanners and Cameras button on Main Menu or press Ctrl+I hotkey.

  • New section "Execution Options" in "Panorama Options" dialog.
    Auto Start Stitching - Automatically launching auto-stitching process after images loading.
    Auto Start Preview - Automatically launching Web Browser preview after stitching finish.
    Default value is true for both. This feature allows to create panorama just after one click.

Version 07.10.04  
  • New formats now available in addition to JPG. It is TIF, TGA, BMP and GIF.

  • New "View" menu items to quick assign Main Window size :
    400*300 - hotkey (Alt + 1)
    640*480 - hotkey (Alt + 2)
    800*600 - hotkey (Alt + 3)

Version 26.09.04
  • Smooth adjustment of output image resolution - not power of 2 as before.
  • Automatically calculation of most optimal size and resolution of output image.
  • Edit box Image Resolution now assign the percentage of maximum reasonable image resolution for most detail zoom-in view.

Version 10.07.04  
  • Right click popup menu:
    Select Image... - select image for manual control
    Move Image Left... - swap current image to the left
    Move Image Right... - swap current image to the right

  • New menu item Panorama Info (F3) - show current EXIF information about images number, resolution, focal length, camera model etc.