ADG 3D Java Viewer 6.0 enables to display ADG File Format developed for Web Publishing (Albatross Design Group, Inc. File Format, Copyright © 2000-2011.) ADG 3D Java Viewer allows to load for fast viewing directly the following 3D formats: .STL (Stereolithography), .OBJ (Wavefront), .3DS (Autodesk 3D Studio). No HTML or Java programming knowledge required! 3D Files can be viewed through ADG 3D Java Viewer that eliminates a Plug-in installation and gives a platform independent use on the Internet.

< param name=mode value='-MTLS'> < param name=data value='buddha.3ds'>

To view this content please install Java.

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Model 2.
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System Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
  • Virtual Java Machine JRE 1.0 +.

Supported Properties

  • Z-buffer sorting
  • Supersampling Antialiasing
  • Multiple meshes within a scene
  • Multiple models combining
  • Standard materials
  • Diffuse, Ambient and Specular color
  • Specular Power
  • Material Transparency
  • Diffuse texture maps
  • Opacity texture maps
  • Reflection texture maps
  • Environment Ambient Color
  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Omni Lights
  • Free and Target Camera
  • Perspective Viewports
  • Default Light inserting
  • Default Camera inserting
  • Default <World> node inserting
  • Key-framed animation
  • Rotation, translation, scaling and visibility track support
  • Rendering text into texture map
  • Manual 3D objects manipulation (keyboard, mouse)
  • Javascript for 3D objects manipulation
  • Javascript for separately tracks control.
  • Javascript for texture map, colors and text control
  • Loading ADG 3D file format (require ADG 3D Tools)
  • Loading Stereolithography .STL file format (require purchasing)
  • Loading Wavefront .OBJ file format (require purchasing)
  • Loading Autodesk 3D Studio .3DS file format (require purchasing)

The Trial Version of ADG 3D Java Viewer is fully functional except for a watermark "Unregistered" . To purchase a Registration Key, please click here and follow the instructions. Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive a registration code by email. After applying this Registration Key, registration reminders will cease and watermarks will no longer be added to your 3D scenes.

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